How do you get a compensation if your flight is delayed?

For sure delays are humane, especially in this part of the world, but when it comes to half an hour, hours or even half days, then it can be a problem. According to EU regulations for wasted time in the terminal or for canceled flights we can receive a compensation from the airline.

I want to tell you the steps that I followed in order to receive a compensation from Tarom, for a delayed flight (9 hours delay), due to technical reasons.

It happens that I knew from a colleague’s experience that it is quite difficult to discuss this matter directly with Tarom and the best way to manage the situation is to use a third-party company. After one search on Google I found out about dozens of companies of the kind and among those were Aireclaim and AirHelp.

I chose Aireclaim and it seems that it was the best decision. First, you complete an application online on their site where you protvide the details of the delayed flight and also some of your basic personal information. The next step is to receive some emails, I received them in approximately 15-20 minutes, containing a contract between you and them and some applications that must be completed and returned with pictures with the boarding pass. After a few days, when your case-file had already been analyzed, you will receive an email where you are informed that they have contacted the airline and you must wait for an answer.

In my case, I received an answer after two months that my claim was analyzed and accepted by Tarom. Because it was a flight on a shorter distance than 1500 km, I received 250 euro.

You will receive the money a week distance from the notification email and from the 250 euro you will pay Aireclaim 25%.

This is my only experience of this kind but although the 250 euro are needed, the time that you spend blocked somewhere in an airport, away from your family is priceless.

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