Why would you choose Stockholm as a destination when you travel for the first time with your baby? [10 Reasons]

When our daughter, Emma, came into the world she brought a lot of joy, even more that we could ever imagine, but on the other hand, we had to say stop to our traveling plans. When she turned 6 months we started to take seriously into account a foreign destination where the three of us could go for the first time. We knew Sweden for some time and we all agreed it was the perfect destination. Because it was Emma’s first time abroad we chose a civilized place where the flight should last not more than 2h30 min, with a nice climate and of course, to encounter excellent medical service.

When we arrived in Stockholm, from the first day we realized that it was the ideal destination for baby traveling and we have at least 10 reasons to sustain this idea:

  1. The Swedish people care about the parents who push the strollers, that is why all their curbs are very friendly in every corner of the streets. And when we say ’’in every corner’’ we really mean that…
  2. When it comes to respect we can also mention that at every Metro station, building, passage (we can include the temporary passages) you could find an elevator. All their elevators were functioning perfect, we couldn’t find one that was out of service.
  3. The public transport is super friendly with baby strollers. In the metro everyone gives you priority to get on or to get off the metro and to sit on the priority seats.
  4.  In the tram, there is a special area for strollers and for disabled people and the controller makes sure that you are on the right spot, and that there is enough room for the baby.
  5. The weather in Stockholm is really nice in August, you and your baby can enjoy the fresh air.
  6.  We are sure that a ride in Skansen will determine your baby to be curious about the characters that he/she meets at the Scandinavian museum. And when you decide it’s time for a break, it’s safe to let your baby crawling on the fresh grass. It’s really great for him\her to feel and touch the nature.
  7. There are a lot of places where you can buy organic food for your baby because they are very careful in this matter. We discovered an excellent source at level -1 in Nordiska Kompaniet, a department store that it worths visiting also for their exclusive selection of baby clothing.
  8. Overall, Sweden gives you a constant feeling of safety. This matter is important when you travel alone or in a couple, but it’s vital when you travel with your child. We had accommodation at  Park Inn in Solna (a suburb in Stockholm situated at 5 metro stations from the center), which was populated by many emigrants but we weren’t overwhelmed by any sense of fear.   
  9. The Swedish are not like the Italian as much as the Italian are not like the Swedish:))) What we wanted to say is that they do not cross the line when it comes to noise/fuss, and for a baby it’s very important. Shhhh!!!
  10.  When you arrive at Arlanda airport you get the stroller on the special baggage belt and at departure, you will check-in the stroller at special baggage. During your stay at the airport, you have at your disposal a stroller for your little one. 

All in all, the three of us had a great time in Stockholm. It’s wonderful to enjoy the gentle sun anywhere on the archipelago’s shore or to push the stroller in one of the Djurgarden parks.

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